Teaching players proper pitching mechanics that they can understand and easily repeat are a key to developing successful pitchers. Consistency with your mechanics makes it easier to throw strikes and easier to learn additional pitches when the time is right. Our videos and additional resources will get you started.

Pitching Overview from Baseball Zone

Five Checkpoints of Proper Pitching Mechanics

Throwing a Changeup

Holding Runners On

Pickoff Attempts to First Base

Pitch Counts and Recovery Times

Pitch Count Limits and Required Rest Recommendations from MLB and USA Baseball
Pitch Counts and Recovery Times from Baseball Zone

Additional Resources

Teaching Basic Pitching Mechanics

Baseball Coaching Tips for Developing Pitchers

Pitcher’s Pregame Warmup Routine

Teaching Pitchers Different Pitch Grips

Monitoring Pitchers and Arm Safety

Pitcher’s Approach By Game Situations

Teaching Effective Pitching Sequences

How a Pitcher Can Create Deception

Throwing Bullpen Sessions

Pitch Counts and Recovery Times

Little League Baseball Pitch Count